History Timeline

Our timeline takes you on a journey from these humble beginnings right up to the present day, documenting the significant milestones achieved in our 95 year history.

Bamford Martin. It doesn’t have quite the right ring to it, yet if things had been just a little different, that is how we would know this most British of performance sports cars.

It was back before the Great War that Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin joined forces to sell Singer cars, and to prepare them for hill climbing and racing. Successfully too: it was Martin’s performances with these cars at the hillclimb course in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire that was to provide the inspiration for a name when the pair started making their own car.


In 1913, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded a company that later would become Aston Martin. At the time, Martin & Bamford Limited produced Singers racing cars, but the duo wanted to create a more sophisticated model of their own. They named their first car Aston Martin after the founder Lionel Martin and the Aston Clinton hill climb racing course where their Singers car had won previously.

We can’t talk about Aston Martin without mentioning James Bond. In 1959, Ian Fleming put his super spy James Bond in an Aston Martin DB Mark III. When it was made into a movie in 1964, Bond drove an updated, supersleek silver Aston Martin DB5 (complete with machine gun, passenger ejector seat, and revolving number plates!)


James Bond

James Bond and his Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger

Interestingly, Ian Fleming himself didn’t drive Aston Martin. He preferred the 1963 Studebaker Avanti!